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ShortList_0 Design Group LLC is dedicated to promoting the interests of people concerned with the impact of the built environment on health, community and environmental sustainability, which together constitute Human Ecological Design. The goal is to merge sustainability, architectural form, current technology and building design for use by architects, planners, educators, policy makers and other professionals as well as students. The means are to research and make available information in the fields of architecture, building design and construction, urban planning, and human ecology as they relate to sustainability and human welfare. This includes green architecture and design, sustainable community planning and infrastructure development, providing technological information about environmentally-conscious and green innovations. They are all connected.

Why? There is a significant gap between sustainable intent and the reality of sustainable design. Often, so-called “sustainable” features are neither sustainable nor people friendly, but merely token gestures that yield minimal impact on carbon emissions, questionable financial benefits and visual intrusions to design. The built environment is littered with stick-on solar kits; flimsy sunshades and external blinds; mechanically complex moving systems; sunscreens that accumulate air borne particulates and carbon intensive building materials. Most of these appendages are economically inefficient, require costly maintenance and rarely add enduring architectural value. We need to bridge the gap between postulation and constructability to improve net energy balance, cost effectiveness and architectural design.

A light corridor, solar panel, wind turbine, green roof or bris-soleil affixed without context, integration or significant benefit is merely gratuitous. Many sustainable design elements are added for gratification or impression. A solar panel system absent sufficient daily or seasonal sun, a wind system with insufficient yield, a green roof where insulation and run-off impact are inconsequential, are gratuitous. Employment of technology without substantial energy benefit carries a negative sustainable footprint – an application of sustainable technology without substantive yield. A true sustainable design idiom for the built environment requires design and technology to be one and the same, applied on a human scale.

In pursuit of a relevant and sustainable built environment, ShortList_0 seeks to make information available on the use of technology, materials and eco-practice that will enable productive implementation. ShortList_0 is not an architecture firm, its purpose is to promote the unity of design, technology and human interaction for a better built environment in pursuit of global sustainability.

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