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Harvesting environmental resources for sustainable design with a photovoltaic skin


Abundant environmental resources surround an architectural envelope: obtainable energy transmitted by radiation, conduction and convection; light; air to breathe; water to consume or utilize. Whether in the form of solar rays, wind, water, gas or thermal mass, the surface of a building envelope comprises the interface. As such, the envelope can be receptor, collector, reflector, filter or insulator as need dictates. For meaningful sustainability performance, building form must optimize the harvest of available resources.

Relevant sustainable design emerges by addressing resource vectors that change with time of day, season and the impact of adjacent structures. No singular surface panel orientation is optimal all hours of the day in all seasons. Their function, form and governing architecture must be synthesized as the envelope, integrating optimum diurnal and seasonal positions. Buildings conceived in this project emerge from environmental resources, adjacent structure and program site parametrics, seeking architecture for true sustainability, not merely an icon.

harvesting environmental resources for sustainable design - solar panel skin harvesting light and view without heat for sustainable design sustainable design mixed use solar power plant sustainable design architecture interior view
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