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  Making sense of the built environment's role in global warming is no easy task. The monthly barage of greenhouse gas emission reports are extremely confusing and often contradictory. Unless we can relate them to specific elements of design, it is unlikely our efforts to achieve sustainability will be successful.  
  A new book is in the works.  
  A Study about Greenwashing Architecture  

The design and construction of our built environment constitutes humanity's largest contribution to energy-related global warming, yet occurs largely out of the public purview. Too often, green buildings are more hype than sustainable, even when officially certified. The book will focus on the fact and fantasy of green design – the realities, misconceptions and self-delusion. Although the US Green Building Council's LEED and other such certification programs serve a valuable purpose and provide forums for sustainable design, their scope in relieving the root cause of the built environment's contribution to climate change can be overstated. The new book will explores what they miss, differentiating between a building's embodied energy and carbon and emissions derived from occupancy and operations..

The difference between "sustainable design" and "sustainable habits" will be explored as well as their significance. Both can reduce greenhouse gases, both can retard the rate of global warming. But their impact is different. Over time, through education, training and technology, habits can be altered for the better. Unfortunately, the carbon associated with a building's design and construction is released before occupation – its negative impact built-in. Most of its carbon emissions already add to the climate's rate of change. The design, material choices and ecological interface will continue to impact its operating efficiencies far in the future.

  Publication anticipated for early 2020.  
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