We are an applied technology Sustainable Design think tank for the built environment, pursuing the know-how to develop architectural form from sustainable sustainable design practice, technology and materials. Our purpose is to serve architects, designers, engineers and planners. ShortList_0 Design Group LLC is a collaborative effort dedicated to the unification of sustainable design with the process of architectural design. Why: to improve sustainable design performance while maintaining architectural integrity in our built environment. Assembling a highly motivated team from the architecture, engineering, design and academic sectors, this sustainable design think-tank bridges the gap between postulation and constructability, improving net energy balance, cost effectiveness and architectural design.  Our goal: to merge sustainability, architectural form, current technology and building design, for use by architects and other professionals. We are not an architecture firm. ShortList_0 Design Group is developing a new design idiom, new concepts for the built environment whereby design and technology are one and the same, applied on a human scale.
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